Our Goal

Ultimately, our goal is to raise funds for a Steinway Model B.

Fifteen pianos on the campus are currently in need of replacement with the average age of the heavily used pianos at nearly 25 years. Many soundboards on practice pianos are cracked. Hammers and strings are worn out.

Pianos are used for classroom instruction in music theory, ear training, music history, music literature, and performance classes. Every music student practices on pianos every day. Since pianos are foundational tools for study in all areas of music, this really affects all students, not just those in piano performance.

The two “chief” grands in the Ylvisaker Fine Arts Center date from the early 1970s, and one of those is a rebuilt instrument from the 1920s. All of the studio and practice room pianos have been in constant use since 1990. There is an urgent need for new instruments. Alumni and friends interested in helping Bethany secure new pianos may contact the Advancement Office.